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Inge Burman is a multi-media visual artist who relocated from Cape Town, South Africa, to Rockville, Maryland, in March 2022.


Having graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Africa (UNISA), Inge has worked in a variety of media over the years, ranging from traditional media, i.e., oils, pastels, and ceramics, to more contemporary media, including photography and computer generated images, often combining these with traditional crafts like knitting and embroidery.


Since her practical final for her degree - a large composite piece entitled 'CitisCape,' she has worked with aspects of the city, employing a collage technique, often working into it with paint or thread. She then has the collage printed, working into the print once again.


The most recent pieces created in this manner were 'Hestia's Lament,' which won a commendation at the 2012 Vuleka Competition in Cape Town, and her 2013 work 'Emancipation 11', a finalist in the Sasol New Signatures Competition in Pretoria. In 2014 Inge had two works,' Urban Palimpsest' and 'Mirage,' selected for the Vuleka Competition Exhibition in Cape Town. In 2015 a mixed media work – printed collage and embroidery, "Undergrowth," won the first prize (awarded by Conrad Thys) in the Vuleka competition. Also, in 2015 Inge's "Dis-position" portrait was placed in the top 200 entries of the Sanlam Portrait Competition.


For the past few years, Inge has also been working on a group of fantastical buildings crafted from fine charcoal clay. The buildings, created from coils worked intuitively, are then carved into, painted with underglazes, and embellished with beads and stained glass for the windows.


Inge's work over the past seven years has seen an intense preoccupation with buildings and structures and their impact on, and implications for, the people living and working in them. She traces this fascination to her childhood and frequent visits to the Ndebele Village outside Pretoria, South Africa.




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